A very popular line of decorative textures, Coastal Textures© offer five choices to create the look, feel and design that fits perfectly with your project. Coastal Textures© are great for patios, pool decks, lanais, driveways, walkways and other outdoor leisure areas as they keep cool under the hot sun. Depending on the color chosen, they can be up to 20 degrees cooler than unfinished concrete. These textures are very economical and can fit nearly any budget.


With a texture similar to cut slate, Baywater© is the smoothest finish of the series. It offers a clean, modern look similar to tile. Non-slip additive can be added to the sealer.

Rising Tide

When a bit more texture is desired, Rising Tide© offers a slightly more aggressive non-slip texture while retaining the smooth underlying finish of Baywater©. This texture wears well and is installed and back in service quickly which makes it popular in commercial applications as a cost-effective texture over large areas.


With a texture similar to raindrops on a pool deck, Ripple© is a beautiful texture which offers a nice combination of non-slip properties as well as ease of cleanability. Major hotel chains have used this texture on their walkways and pool decks with great success.


This texture is a tried and true classic. The texture starts with the same application process as the Ripple©; however, the tops of the drops are knocked down to give small areas of flat surfaces and lower crevices. The slip resistance is excellent and the look is very attractive.

Ocean Waves

With random ridges and troughs throughout surface, Ocean Waves© texture resembles the sea being pushed around by a slight breeze. The texture adds interest and beauty to resurfaced areas. It also offers good non-slip properties as well as cleanability.

Optional Decorative Effects

All Coastal Textures© can be upgraded with beautiful patterns and effects which can significantly enhance the look of the project.

Faux Stain

Mist a second color over the top color of any Coastal Texture and the result is a gorgeous combination of moving, mottled colors which sets the project apart from the normal single-color coating.

Three additional complimentary colors are applied sparingly over your base color to create the effect of small pebbles. This effect is very popular with higher-end hotels because it distracts the eye from plant debris, dirt, bird droppings and cigarette ash marks.

Pebble Path

Tile or Stone Patterns

Patterns similar to those of Pacific Tile© and Pacific Stone© can also be created in the Coastal Texture series. Click here to visit the Pacific© series.

Incorporates existing cracks and adds new simulated ones to mimic a flagstone look. An attractive way to camouflage cracks in an existing concrete surface.


Borders and Copings

Add an extra touch of class by including a complimentary color border or coping along your walk or around your pool deck.



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