Commercial Floors

Creative Resurfacing provides the commercial concrete advantage to retail and commercial locations in the Bradenton, Florida area. Our expert installation teams have years of successful experience in customized flooring installations in Bradenton, the surrounding cities, and local communities. We offer the widest selections, the latest trends and the leading edge of technology in decorative flooring.

Commercial epoxy flooring

Commercial Floors

Cement is tough, durable, and resistant to scuffs and abrasions. It is an excellent application for high-traffic commercial spaces like retail, galleries, and restaurants. They resist wearing and damage far better than wood or vinyl tile and require far less maintenance than carpeting. Concrete is the best choice for high-visibility business areas. With a wide range of colors, textures, and effects, owners can add an extra protective sealer, and customize the finishes to meet their needs and express their design ideas. Sealing cement surfaces adds extra layers of protection for heavy traffic and machinery.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings work well to raise the visibility of surface areas. The colored epoxy decorative coatings bring texture, depth and artistic effects. A current design trend uses metal epoxies that add a remarkable metallic sheen to cement surfaces. Many owners choose durable, versatile finishes like epoxy terrazzo for high-traffic areas. Floor colors, patterns, and designs can attract attention and influence traffic flow. It is an excellent vehicle for graphics and colors that express a business theme or logo. Owners can add features that attract the eye and help create a particular atmosphere in retail or commercial locations. Polished concrete floors reflect light and brighten areas. They enhance overhead lighting effects in commercial and retail settings. Polished finishes are durable, resist abrasions, and require little maintenance.

Durable and Cost-Effective

Commercial concrete floors must be more durable and wear resistant than those in residential areas. They must resist heavy foot traffic, chemical stains, and require low maintenance. Slip resistance is important in all business locations for safety. In food service situations, these surfaces must handle spills, be easy to clean, and stain resistant. Refinishing commercial areas with stained concrete are among the best cost saving options. They offer an alternative to expensive natural materials that need regular maintenance and expensive crack repair services from specialized contractors.

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