Concrete Driveways

In the recent past, people were restricted to choosing either concrete or asphalt as their driveway material. Nowadays, concrete driveways come with a wide range of decorative options. You will find people using different names such as painted concrete or cement driveways to describe different options of decorative concrete. Ask anybody and they will tell you decorative concrete is one of the reliable ways to improve the appearance of your driveway.

You will find many driveways made of plain gray concrete, but people have started to like the appeal of decorative concrete. For those who have installed decorative concrete on their home entrance they have seen their dazzling effects. A company such as Creative Resurfacing, based in Bradenton, Florida, has introduced many products and techniques that can resurface any dull driveway and give it a decorative makeover.

stamped concrete driveway
Stamped concrete driveway

There are measures that your driveway contractor needs to put in place during installation to ensure your concrete driveway is durable. Maintaining the look and durability of your concrete driveway depends largely on the material and workmanship you use.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Stamped driveways are a concrete solution poured on an existing or fresh mixture of concrete and molds which are later stained to produce decorative looks. A stamped concrete also comes with a wide range of options that you cannot get from the other paving material. It is also more cost effective than the most expensive materials like natural slate and cobblestone. Another advantage of stamped concrete is that unlike these common paving stones, it can be pumped or poured into the driveways without the need of placing a single unit thus saving time and labor.

Repairing Driveways with Damaged Concrete

Ideally, a driveway concrete resurfacing can last for several years without wear or any kind of damage. But some conditions can shorten its lifespan and lead to scaling, discoloration, cracking or creasing. Some of these conditions may include severe weather conditions, improperly compacted subgrade, bad placement procedures, or inadequate concrete mix. But rather than ripping out the concrete and starting over, utilize concrete overlays in resurfacing your concrete driveways with new patterns and colors.

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