Concrete Pool Decks

When summer is in full swing, the swimming pool will be a high traffic area. Creative Resurfacing in Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida, offers concrete pool deck services that ensure an enjoyable, safe and stylish experience in your outdoor space. What’s more, all services are affordable and can be done in a matter of days.

Concrete Pool Deck

Pool Deck Refinishing

Pool deck refinishing extends the life of a concrete deck with an existing coating that only needs some touch-ups and resealing for maintenance. Refinishing is usually done to make a deck look like it’s brand new.

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

Discoloration, chipping and crumbling are signs that a concrete pool deck is in bad condition. Instead of tearing out the entire slab and pouring new concrete, Creative Resurfacing can do pool deck resurfacing. It is a process where a cementitious overlay is applied on top of concrete. This material is then stamped, stenciled and colored to achieve the desired look.

Recommended Pool Deck Overlay: Whitewater Texture

Concrete Pool Deck with Sundek Classic Texture and Stamped Overlays
Concrete Pool Deck with whitewater texture and Stamped Overlays

Being a slip-resistant coating, Whitewater Classic Texture is considered one of the most popular concrete coatings for pool deck areas. This special system remains cool to the feet even on the hottest days. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, Creative Resurfacing is sure to find the best look to complement your home or business. Learn more about Whitewater Texture

Pool Deck Surrounds: Stamped Concrete Overlays

Bricks, pavers, cobblestone, flagstone and limestone are often used to accentuate pool deck surrounds, but these options could be pricey. With Stamped overlays, durability, low maintenance and beauty can be achieved at a more affordable cost. These systems can resemble natural stones, bricks, pavers, tile patterns and a whole lot more. Learn more about Stamped Overlays

Cracks on a Concrete Pool Deck

Crack repair is mandatory before an overlay can be done. There are three ways in which Creative Resurfacing addresses this problem:

Option 1: Remove the slab with cracks and pour fresh concrete to create a new concrete slab.
Option 2: Repair with epoxy, urethane or a flexible sealant.
Option 3: Scoreline

Scoreline is a process where existing cracks in concrete are incorporated into the overlay design. The cracks are filled with a flexible sealant allowing the concrete to move along with mother nature. Scoreline or hand-made lines are then added onto the top of the concrete to create a design that camouflages the repaired cracks. This is a good choice for concrete that is still in good condition but has quite a few cracks.

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