Garage Floor Coatings

Whether you want to revamp your existing garage floor, or you want to increase the aesthetic value of a new one, Creative Resurfacing offers the best balance of quality and economy that will transform your residential or commercial garage into a professional looking workplace.

Many people prefer Creative Resurfacing Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida garage floor coating because it is cost effective compared to other materials. It enhances a plain gray concrete garage floor into a beautiful decorative makeover. Apart from improving the appearance of the floor, these heavy-duty systems also increase the resiliency to tire marks, stains, and creases. If it is installed by a professional, it can hide even the minor imperfections. In fact, garage floor coating comes with a wide range of color options that can be further worked on using paint chips or decorative quartz to create an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Garage Flooring Installation Process

garage flooring

Preparation Phase

Garage floor coverings can be installed on most concrete floors provided that they are properly prepared. Debris, dirt, sealer and grease prevents bonding of garage floor coverings. The garage floor must be cleaned thoroughly and debris removed before any system is installed. The floor needs to be scrubbed using a special scrubber and a detergent. After scrubbing, the floor should be washed with acid-water solution, mixed in a ration of 1:4 respectively. Using a neutralizer, the floor must be neutralized using ammonia-water solution mixed in a ratio of 1:10 respectively. The final part of epoxy garage flooring is to rinse the floor with a high-powered washer. Floors can also be ground with large diamond tooled orbital floor grinders to open the pores of the concrete for better adhesion.

Crack Repairs

If there are any cracks on the floor, make sure the contractors have cleaned them off and repaired before installing garage floor covering. Minor cracks on the garage floor can be filled using 100% solid paste which is then scraped to level with the floor. On the other hand, large cracks can be filled with garage floor epoxy, left to dry and then ground to level with the floor. The idea behind filling cracks is to create a smooth surface for a garage floor coat.

Applying Coats

A durable garage floor contains a top coat, a base coat and a primer. A primer coat is first applied on the garage floor to enhance bonding. It should be applied and left to dry for some time. The next coat to be applied is the base coat. This coat is applied when the primer is dry to touch. A urethane base coat is applied on top of the dry primer. Color flakes are then broadcast into the epoxy base lightly to reveal the base color or heavily for durability or increased coverage. The next and the final coat is the top coat, also referred to as concrete sealing. The coat is left for two days to dry for foot traffic and up to one week for vehicle traffic to pass on it.

Call Creative Resurfacing

If you live in Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida and the surrounding cities, and you’re searching for a company to help you redesign your garage floor, or if your garage floor just needs an epoxy flooring face-lift, call Creative Resurfacing at (941) 870-8102 and get a free quote. The company is a premier installer in garage floor coating and other flooring systems.