Customized Interior Floor Installations

Creative Resurfacing provides expert concrete floor installations in the Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida area. We specialize in customized, low-maintenance concrete floors that provide the beauty and interest of high-end materials at a fraction of their costs. We can transform an ordinary concrete slab into a marvel of color and design. Our installations bring amazing depth, color, and texture. Our custom overlays resemble expensive materials. All of our installations provide years of carefree use.

More Beautiful Concrete Floors

Concrete is the popular choice for US homes and businesses. Seen all across Sarasota/Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding cities, a concrete interior floor takes on a wide variety of finishes and remarkable effects. Micro-toppings and reflector floors provide customized levels of sheen and artistic points of interest. The acid stain effect creates unique patterns and color bursts, and deep painted tones add rich colors. We install the overlays that add pattern and textures. Cement floors offer variety and value that other materials cannot equal.

Concrete Floor Reflector Series

Concrete is a high-value and low-cost solution for floor coverings. They are durable surfaces that need little care, and they reduce long-term maintenance costs. The basic requirement is a concrete slab to accept an overlay, stain, epoxy, or polishing. There are additional savings for locations with an existing concrete slab. A simple stained concrete surface will compare to standard coverings like carpet, tile, vinyl, or linoleum. Complex concrete treatments and designs compare to high-end materials like marble, slate, granite, or select woods. Over the years, owners realize savings from its long life and low upkeep.


Easy to Maintain Stained Concrete and Overlays

Cement floors are easy to maintain. The coatings contain strong sealer compounds that resist dirt build ups. With a colored cement pattern or custom design, the well sealed, stained concrete will keep its fresh appearance for many years. Most cleanings just require a dust mop. A deep cleaning uses water and a mild neutral base cleaner. Maintenance needs depend on factors like high traffic and extra abrasive conditions. High traffic areas like restaurants or retail businesses can add extra protection with a sealer coating and protective floor finish. The affordable, easy care is unlike high-end natural materials that cost more to install, and occasionally need expensive refinishing or crack repair.

Other features and benefits of concrete, customized floors:

  • They bring out the architectural features of any room or structure.
  • They change easily, a new owner can simply cover it; they can resurface using a cement refinishing option
  • The sealed surfaces are the best coatings for areas with lots of sand
  • They don’t hold dust and particles, a better choice for allergies than carpeting.

Finally, the available color palette and textures of concrete floors appeal to home and business owners. Stained concrete is among the most popular coatings; it has warm tones and inviting depth. Customers can select the effects that blend into the richly colored surface to match their design themes. The customized finishes resemble other materials; many people do not realize it is a concrete surface. Concrete has many options in addition to stains. Customers can choose paints, dyes, and tinted sealer coatings.

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