The Pacific© family of products offers very attractive patterns which emulate the look of outdoor living spaces created by laying random tiles or stones in a bed of mortar. The elegant and modern designs will significantly enhance the look of any property for years to come.

Pacific Tile

Inspired by the cliff hugging pool decks on the West Coast, Pacific Tile© offers a random tile pattern with offsetting yet complimentary grout lines which portray a beautiful high-end modern look. Some architects have created designs using large tiles to further enhance the look. Pacific Tile© is one of our fastest selling installations.

Pacific Stone

The northwest has incorporated stone into their outdoor living areas for years. Pacific Stone© artfully captures the look of individual stones set in a mortar bed. With a texture replicating natural stone, the result is a fantastic looking, slip-resistant and durable surface.



Sarasota / Bradenton

West Palm Beach

Ft Lauderdale


Naples / Fort Myers

Tampa / Brandon


Clearwater / St. Petersburg

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