Patios, Lanais & Walkways

A simple Florida home is the ideal place for experiencing life with all the delights that come with it. And textured front entries to your home can provide people a preview of how great of an experience it will be once they enter your home. And when it comes to repairs, our staff are the best at the job. We can make it look beyond new.

Concrete Patios & Walkways Enhanced

It’s important to have the best-looking front entry. Your walkway, patio and lanais should look and feel elegant at first glance. It must also be a suitable venue for outdoor living, if in case you’re tired of staying in. Creative Resurfacing is a company that could do more than just that. Apart from having a good-looking entrance, these benefits could come along the way as you choose us to do the project on your concrete resurfacing:

  • Slip resistant
  • Freeze and thaw resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Long lasting

Complementary to Your Exterior

Decors and landscaping are the usual things that maximizes the beauty of your patio, lanais, and walkway. But it can be made even more attractive by having us resurface your concrete walkway and patio with a specific sealer and various designs/finishes. We are the perfect contractor for your exterior’s overlay and sealing project. We can make outdoor living feel even better with all the services we could do for your exterior.

Property Value a Plus

Realtors say that homes that feature attractive walkways, patios and lanais sell fast and well. It’s a great deal for people to have beautiful entrances no matter what the cost is. Once you have us do the project for your exterior, your value adds up and you’ll be amazed at how luxurious the price will soon be for your property.


Not only do our decorative concrete coatings look amazing but they are also slip resistant. In addition to being slip resistant, some of our products are also cooler than regular concrete on a hot sunny day.

Call us today (941) 870-8102 for a fast, FREE quote! Our staff are more than willing to provide you with the best options for Concrete Resurfacing in Florida and for all the designs that you would like to have. We’re the best at the job. We guarantee you that.

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