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Creative Resurfacing provides polished concrete installations in the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast region. We have years of successful experience with residential and commercial locations in the city of Bradenton, the suburban communities, and the nearby cities. We offer customized installations of durable, economical, easily maintained concrete floors. Our services include polished cement surfaces with saw cut designs and artistic patterns. Customers can choose rich colors, interesting effects such as sparkles and gold flecks, and the precise level of sheen. We present design ideas and options such as stains, dyes, decorative graphics, and finishing techniques that resemble high-end materials.

polished concrete finishes

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors offer rich and vibrant colors and an amazing variety of shades, tones, and textures. Beginning with dry polish and completing with precision wet polish finishing, our expert contractor installation teams raise the precise level of gloss that customers prefer. Along with saw cut designs and patterns, we provide customization and expression of the owner’s ideas. The final polished installation will keep its original sheen and only need light dusting and an occasional wet mop for maintenance. The depth and color will impress guests and visitors for years to come.

Cost-Effective Floor Treatment

Polished surfaces are excellent solutions for commercial locations. We provide information to explain the wet and dry polishing methods and demonstrate the advantages of polished cement floors. The cost will compare favorably to high-end natural materials, and the maintenance expense will also be much lower. It will not require expensive repair or outside contractors for long-term maintenance. We help compare prices and value with vinyl, wood, tile and other materials.

Versatile Floor Solutions

A polished cement surface is an excellent no-wax flooring solution. Applied to new or old cement surfaces, the latest technology enables contractors to render a high gloss finish that requires no further waxing or coatings. Polished cement is a durable, lower cost alternative to marble, granite, and stone, or other types of concrete flooring. It has superior performance in heavy traffic areas and fits in equally well in commercial, warehouse, and office facilities. It has a growing popularity in residential uses where owners can customize the surface to look like polished stone.

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