Whitewater Texture

Whitewater Texture is a type of concrete resurfacing that gives floors or walls a fashionable finish. It can be done in an array of colors. This acrylic cement coating is approximately 3/16 of an inch in height. Whitewater can be applied onto both flooring and walls, either inside or outside of the house. Creative Resurfacing serving Bradenton, FL, and surrounding cities is a prime Sherwin Williams installer.

Commercial Space with Whitewater Classic Texture

Application of Concrete Overlay

The concrete overlay process begins with a base coat, which is applied to prepared concrete surfaces. The application is done with the help of an air compressor, hot burner gun and a trowel for smoothing.

Available PatternsĀ 

The classic texture resembles a traditional stucco finish. Templates can also be used to create a plethora of patterns, including the following: Tile patterns

  • Brick patterns
  • Stone patterns
  • Borders
  • Soldier course brick/brick runners
  • Palace verdi stone finish
  • Basket weave brick pattern
  • Scorelines

It is a great choice for a patio, pool deck and other outdoor leisure areas as it keeps cool even under the hot sun. Based on the color chosen, it can be up to 20 degrees cooler than concrete. Lighter colors will be cooler. However, darker colors will be hotter than concrete. Over 700 colors can be created to meet a specific color requirement.


First, the area must be prepared. This may include removing a previous coating. Also, power washing will be done to remove any chemicals, algae and any heavy layers of dirt. Crack repair to remove any cracks or holes in the concrete will also be done at this time. Epoxy or a urethane-based caulking may be used to repair cracks so that they are never a problem, and so that they are not visible in the finished layer.

Before installation, areas where this layering is not desired will be masked off. A base coat also known as an adhesive is then applied. The next day, the Whitewater classic texture will be applied. Two coats of acrylic sealer will be applied at the fourth and final day. This final process will apply the fashion color too. The entire process takes four days.


This surface is just as durable as concrete. And it has been observed to still be in great condition even after 20 years. If there are problems with it before this time, then it is most likely that the concrete wasn’t good quality. It is best to apply it with a new, high quality base coat of concrete.

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This is one of the most easy to maintain flooring options. The sealer used on the Whitewater surface only needs to be re-applied once every five to seven years. All patterns and designs can be easily cleaned with dish soap and a floor brush. Every year, the coating can be cleaned thoroughly with a 400 psi pressure washer if possible. Otherwise, a floor brush and cleaner can be used. High traffic areas can be cleaned more often, such as driveways and concrete pool deck areas.

After the final step, no traffic is allowed on flooring for 24 hours. After 7 days, furniture can be moved onto the surface or cars in the case of a driveway. This is one of the highest quality concrete resurfacing options available. To have yours installed today, contact (941) 870-8102.